Respiratory Health

Investigating the relationship between the air and respiratory conditions

Two women stand facing each other. One women administers a spray to the other which wears an enclosed bonnet and N95 mask, to ensure proper fitting of N95 masks (Team member Serene Lim goes through certified training to ensure proper fit of various N95 masks for safety during elevated risk air sampling)

Respiratory health - A cross microbiome investigation

In collaboration with Singapore's LKC School of Medicine, we have sampled air and surface microbiota to investigate correlations between the home environment and the severity of disease symptoms for various respiratory diseases such as severe asthma, bronchiectasis, and COPD. In-home habits, such as the use of varied home cooling methods and ventilation, can affect the growth of different allergens and molds in the home. Understanding the environmental conditions for which these allergens grow and identifying the presence of known and possible previously unknown allergens, can help inform patient living habits to mitigate or control symptom severity.

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