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Outreach and media of the air microbiome


There’s an invisible ecosystem in the air — and climate change is disrupting it

Source: Grist (Feb 2022)

Climate change and microorganisms in the lower atmosphere (Klimawandel und Mikroorganismen in der unteren Atmosphäre)

Source: TU Braunschweig (Feb 2022)

Climate Change Can Disrupt Human Breath, How Can You? (Perubahan Iklim Bisa Ganggu Napas Manusia, Kok Bisa?)

Source: CNBC Indonesia (Feb 2022)

Professor Stephan Schuster on climate change's impact on human health, food security

Source: CNA - Youtube (Feb 2022)

Climate change impacts air composition: Study

Source: NTU News (Feb 2022)

Climate change could change the air that we breathe: NTU study

Source: (Feb 2022)


Covid-19: Air sampling surveillance may give early warning of infection risks | THE BIG STORY

Source: The Straits Times - Youtube (Oct 2021)
Additional sources: CNA - Youtube; Channel 8 - Youtube

Singapore uses indoor air sampling surveillance to sniff out COVID-19

Source: BioSpectrum Asia (Oct 2021)
Additional sources: EurekAlert; NTU News; The Straits Times

A Midnight Story - S1 Ep1 Singapore

Source: MeWatch (27:43 - 25:43 Remaining time marks) (April 2021)


Debunking myth that basic research is abstract, scientists point to real-world gains like helping in Covid-19 fight

Source: Today Online (Dec 2020)

Analysing air and surface samples to find virus traces

Source: The Straits Times (Dec 2020)

6 scientists in Singapore who have pivoted to Covid-19 related work

Source: The Straits Times (Dec 2020)

NTU probes link between tiny air organisms and respiratory woes

Source: The Straits Times (May 2020)

No direct link but climate change could affect response to Covid-19 pandemic: WHO

Source: The Straits Times (April 2020)

Up in the clouds with the fungi

Source: Science (Jan 2020)


New study finds at least 725 species of microorganisms in the atmosphere

Source: CNA - Youtube (Nov 2019)

Air Microbiome Changes Over Day-Night Cycle

Source: Forbes (Nov 2019)

People breathe in up to 1 million bugs a day, study finds

Source: The Straits Times (Oct 2019)
Additional sources: The Straits Times (alt. article)

Bacteria and fungi show a precise daily rhythm in tropical air, finds NTU

Source: EurekAlert! (Oct 2019)
Additional sources: GenomeWeb; Science Daily;