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Outreach and media of the air microbiome


Our World To Change (Series)

"At NTU, scientists are working on innovative sustainable energy solutions. Its researchers are also making discoveries about the air microbiome that will have a major impact on human health."

Energy & Environment

Source: CNA (16:34 Time mark) (July 2023)

Earth & Water

Source: CNA (6:14 Time mark) (July 2023)


There’s an invisible ecosystem in the air — and climate change is disrupting it

Source: Grist (Feb 2022)

Climate change and microorganisms in the lower atmosphere (Klimawandel und Mikroorganismen in der unteren Atmosphäre)

Source: TU Braunschweig (Feb 2022)

Climate Change Can Disrupt Human Breath, How Can You? (Perubahan Iklim Bisa Ganggu Napas Manusia, Kok Bisa?)

Source: CNBC Indonesia (Feb 2022)

Professor Stephan Schuster on climate change's impact on human health, food security

Source: CNA - Youtube (Feb 2022)

Climate change impacts air composition: Study

Source: NTU News (Feb 2022)

Climate change could change the air that we breathe: NTU study

Source: (Feb 2022)


Covid-19: Air sampling surveillance may give early warning of infection risks | THE BIG STORY

Source: The Straits Times - Youtube (Oct 2021)
Additional sources: CNA - Youtube; Channel 8 - Youtube

Singapore uses indoor air sampling surveillance to sniff out COVID-19

Source: BioSpectrum Asia (Oct 2021)
Additional sources: EurekAlert; NTU News; The Straits Times

A Midnight Story - S1 Ep1 Singapore

Source: MeWatch (27:43 - 25:43 Remaining time marks) (April 2021)


Debunking myth that basic research is abstract, scientists point to real-world gains like helping in Covid-19 fight

Source: Today Online (Dec 2020)

Analysing air and surface samples to find virus traces

Source: The Straits Times (Dec 2020)

6 scientists in Singapore who have pivoted to Covid-19 related work

Source: The Straits Times (Dec 2020)

NTU probes link between tiny air organisms and respiratory woes

Source: The Straits Times (May 2020)

No direct link but climate change could affect response to Covid-19 pandemic: WHO

Source: The Straits Times (April 2020)

Up in the clouds with the fungi

Source: Science (Jan 2020)


New study finds at least 725 species of microorganisms in the atmosphere

Source: CNA - Youtube (Nov 2019)

Air Microbiome Changes Over Day-Night Cycle

Source: Forbes (Nov 2019)

People breathe in up to 1 million bugs a day, study finds

Source: The Straits Times (Oct 2019)
Additional sources: The Straits Times (alt. article)

Bacteria and fungi show a precise daily rhythm in tropical air, finds NTU

Source: EurekAlert! (Oct 2019)
Additional sources: GenomeWeb; Science Daily;